Wash, Dry, Fold and Repeat (and Repeat, and Repeat…)

The never ending cycle of household chores. You put the clothes in the wash, then the dryer. You fold the clothes, and put them away. Next, you turn around, and the laundry basket is full and ready to be washed again. Same goes for the dishes, and the groceries. You make your bed just so […]

How Can I Clean When I Can’t Remember Where I Put the Broom?

I have to admit, I never realized there was such a thing as perimenopause until I started going through it. Menopause is bad enough, but we all know that it’s coming…eventually. We’re prepared for the night sweats and mood swings. We’ve been forewarned. But, there’s a benefit, too. We finally get to bid farewell to our monthly […]

Remembering the Crazy Days of Motherhood

  The amazing, Dawn Fiscella, Owner of Immaculate Clean, recently suggested I write about how crazy life can be for us moms. She’s right. I know that. I remember it well. The thing is, it’s not my life anymore so I was struggling with how to write about it. Then it occurred to me, that’s […]

A Different Perspective on Cleaning

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the floor lately. It’s the only place I can truly stretch all of my aching muscles. One of the many joys of getting older. As I was laying there today, I started looking around. Big mistake! From the upright perspective, my house seemed rather clean. Definitely not […]

Just Say ‘Yes’ To Hiring a Cleaning Person

  Many of us struggle with the decision to hire a cleaning person. It seems so extravagant to some. Others, like my mom, worry if anyone can actually clean up to our standards. It might be a matter of trust, awkwardness, or money. Whatever it is, there’s a lot to consider before employing someone to […]

Spring Cleaning…Already?

I swear I was just writing about preparing your home for the winter. How is it the middle of February already? And, the weather is just adding to the confusion with temps in the 60s. Personally, I love the nice weather, but it really does draw attention to all of the dirt I’ve been avoiding. […]

How to (Hopefully) Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

I remember asking my kids a few years ago to go clean their bathrooms. After years of having a cleaning service do it for them, it was probably the first time they had to do it on their own. It didn’t take long for me to realize they had no idea what I was actually […]

Getting Organized in the Kitchen

My kitchen remodeling project is complete. It only took about four weeks, but it has felt like an eternity with a constant flow of workers in and out of my house. And, it’s a small house. Each person takes up a lot of space so I’ve been relatively confined to my bedroom. As has my […]

10 “I Should Try These” Hacks for Cleaning the Bathroom

10 “I Should Try These” Hacks for Cleaning the Bathroom “I can’t wait to clean the bathroom,” said no one, ever. Seriously, it has to be one of the least pleasurable things to do. Yet, it’s something I wish could be done every day. I really can’t stand the hair in the tub and sink, […]

Five Tips to Surviving Home Renovations

My contractor was at the door at 8:00am. It was demo day for a total kitchen remodel. One of many renovation projects I’ve lived through over the years. While living in a construction zone is always somewhat stressful, after a while, you get better at it. I’ve definitely learned a lot through experience. Whether you’re […]